“For the first time in two years I have been able to eat proper solid food rather than soup – you can imagine what this has done for my morale and hopefully soon I will be able to have a full range of food.
Meanwhile thank you for looking after me I very much appreciate it.”

PG Croydon

“Hi Lucy,
i hope you are well. My voice took a little while to settle but this is definitely the best result ever ! Thank you so much Dx”

DL Surrey

“I have anterocollis, and was affected badly for many years until I found this joint ENT- Neuro clinic in summer 2014. I improved quickly and have been almost without any symptoms now for the past 3 years.

I have a rare form of anterocollis where Longus Collis is the main spasmodic muscle. I followed regular treatment at Rikshospitalet, the main hospital in Oslo, Norway (also for this kind of disorders). I got treatment every 3 months for more than four years.
As regular treatment didnt have any effect, they tried injections with CT pet-scanner, and also they tried, as the first one in the world (I was told..) ultrasound guided injections of botulintoxid in Longus Colli.
Nothing of this worked.
So when I was advice of one of my docs in Rikshospitalet to see the doctors in London, I was glad to try something new, hopeful I guess, but at that time I was not really optimistic of any treatment. I had a total of 16 treatments behind me, with 3 months intervals, every time getting hopeful, but every time having my hopes all shattered.

However, when I was there, the first time, I was told that my condition was familiar to Dr Marion and Ms Hicklin , and that they had been treating this successfully a long time.
They also had another aproach than what I was used to in Norway, they entered from a different spot with the needle and more.
Having that in mind I had tears in my eyes when I left the place, I got hopeful, and at the same time very afraid of being misled again.

About a week after treatment I felt something in my neck, firstly very gentle, but I told myself it could also be just “another good day”.
But the feeling increased the following days.
And the days that followed where the happiest days of my life.
I could stop holding my head, with one, or sometimes two arms/hands, I could exercise again, and breath freely, I could talk with a normal voice, without having my neck squeezed. I could eat and talk at the same time, I could walk on the streets again, without having to supress the very “sight of me”.
I spontainlessly laughed loudly in class, as I am a teacher, or start crying with my collegues. I never thought I would experience this again!
But here I was, finally, feeling a powerful “ease” in my neck.

I am so thankful for my treatment. Thanks to you I got my life back, a life without a constant pain, a life where joyful things really are joyful , and where I can have the profit of life.

PG, Oslo

“Thank you Lucy…. You are a marvelous woman 😊 xx”

DG Horsham

“Please could you pass on a message to Ms Hicklin saying thank you for the consultation last week. She was very thorough and really helped me feel at ease.”

JT Surrey

“I want to thank you for all the support you have given me during a very difficult period in my life and hope that I could ask to be referred to you again in the years to come if speaking becomes more difficult.”

CS Croydon

“We as a family just wanted to thank you for all the advice and support you have given us. We can’t believe how well mum is recovering. Her voice sounds fantastic and as you mentioned, it is louder then it was before. Mum is very happy with her treatment and care, as are we.”

MW Surrey

“Hi Lucy Well the voice is a million times better. No side effects at all. Think that seems to be the perfect dose (just hoping it lasts a little longer this time). Wanted to thank you very much again!”

MR, London

“Dear Ms Lucy Hicklin & Dr Marie-Helene Marion,

This is to formally put into writing my sincere thanks for giving me my life back.

After suffering with a head tremor for about the past 15 years and a voice tremor for about 3 years I went to see my new GP with a totally unrelated subject. She asked me how long I had, had a head tremor for. When I told her for about 15 years and was advised it was stress and told to live with it. I was quite surprised to be referred to the ENT/Neurological team for botox treatment. Having read up on the possible side effects I was quite nervous about coming for my first appointment on 12/4/2016, accompanied by my husband (who initially didn’t want me to have botox injections).
On arrival you both immediately put me at ease by listening to my symptoms and seemingly to understand when I said that over the course of time my self confidence was slowly being eroded away.
You both gave me all the facts about possible side effects with the treatment, but also gave me confidence to go ahead. Upon arrival at the hospital my husband and I had discussed the treatment options and had decided to give physiotherapy a try! But after Dr Marion said I would be wasting my time and to give a small dose of botox a try. My husband was shaking his head saying no but he was put at ease following the discussions. What a fantastic decision that turned out to be!!! On my follow up appointment on 19/7/2016 it was mutually agreed that at this time I didn’t need to have more injections as my head tremor was hardly noticeable at all, as was my voice tremor, I understand that it is not a complete cure ( I still can’t sing or project my voice) but that is a small price to pay compared to how I was, I would say I am 80 per cent better at the moment.

Thank you once again.”

LA, Kent